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(Employee of Every Month)

Jericho is the cuddliest of all the Westside employees. On her off days, she enjoys skiing with her mom and dad in the backcountry at Mount Baker.

Jakub Kania

Jakub is from Eastern Europe and so started skiing when he was still in diapers. He switched to snowboarding in his teens and now can never decide which one to do. In the summer, he’s a dedicated mountain biker with racing roots and now is obsessed with road cycling. Trees are his favorite, whatever sport the season calls for.


Steve Mohr

Steve is the boss man.

Kim Mohr

Kim can ski faster than you, guaranteed. She also helps to keep the store looking pretty and when ’tis the time, Christmassy (her favorite).

Chris Yates

Chris loves to ski, summer is training for winter, Revelstoke is his playground. Go Pats!